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Nevada Supreme Courty seat F

Michael Douglas

Michael L. Douglas

Age: 58

Hometown: Las Vegas

Occupation: Justice, Nevada Supreme Court

Family: Wife, Martha Douglas, daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren

Political background: Appointed to the District Court Bench (Eighth Judicial District) in 1995 by Governor Bob Miller. Thereafter, elected (1996) and re-elected (2002) to six year terms by the voters. Appointed to the Nevada Supreme Court by Governor Kenny Guinn in March 2004 to complete the term of Justice Myron Leavitt; elected to complete the remaining two years in November of 2004.

Tell us about yourself:

I am seeking reelection to continue my public service on your Nevada Supreme Court. I believe the Law should work for all of the people of Nevada by way of the Nevada and the United States Constitution; I am committed to that goal by way of making sure all people receive a fair and unbiased day in court.

As a Justice of your Nevada Supreme Court I am committed to:

• Making the Court System more responsive to the needs of the people;

• Promoting electronic access to all Courts and Court information;

• Promoting stabilized funding for Drug Courts and Mental Health Courts;

• Improvement of the handling of Appeals in your Nevada Supreme Court (time to decision).

• I was born in Los Angeles, graduated from Dorsey High School, received a BA Degree from California State College, Long Beach in 1971, graduate of the University of California Hastings College of Law in San Francisco in 1974.

• Volunteer activities include: Bar Associations; Judicial Societies; youth sports and youth mentoring.

An appellate court is expensive but some have argued vital to winnowing the wheat from chaff in the cases now coming to the Supreme Court as well as speeding up and improving decision making by reducing the workload on the high court. What is your opinion and why?

The issue should not be reducing the workload on the high court with an intermediate appellate court; the issue must be can the people of Nevada be better served with an intermediate appellate court.

If the issue is about better service for the people of Nevada, then we need an intermediate appellate court. It has been said that Justice delayed is Justice denied. That is a growing reality in appellate matters in the State of Nevada due to growth.

It is my belief that Nevada’s growth requires an intermediate appellate court to provide for speedy and thoughtful resolution of appellate matters for the people of Nevada.

The Supreme Court of Nevada is one of the busiest Courts in the Nation due to it’s dual role of being both an error correction court and court of constitutional issues and issues of first impression. In most of our sister states, intermediate appellate Courts provide speedy appellate review of error correction cases (decided case authority), thereby reducing the case load of the Supreme Court to allow speedier and more in depth review of constitutional issues and issues of first impression (no case authority or case authority in conflict).

What sets you apart from your opponent?

My legal experience sets me apart from my opponent. I bring the experience of having been a practicing attorney for 16 years (private practice, legal services, deputy district attorney (civil) and Trial Judge (civil & criminal) for eight plus years; and Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court (two plus years).

I also bring my character and trust to do the right thing under the Nevada and United States Constitution based upon my record as an Attorney, Judge and Justice.

Contact Information:

Telephone: (702) 521-4949


Candidate Cynthia “Dianne” Steel did not respond to requests by the Appeal to include her information.