Nevada voter registration ticks up in June |

Nevada voter registration ticks up in June

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

The number of active registered voters in Nevada increased by 19,047 from May to June.

But some of those were people who checked in with registrars and moved from inactive to active status since the total number registered in the state only increased by 12,373.

There are now 1,695,450 people registered to vote in Nevada, 1,461,833 of them on the active list.

Inactives can still vote come November. They just need to affirm they’re still residents living in the district and qualified to vote. They were probably moved to inactive status because they failed to return the postcard from their registrar confirming they’re at the same address.

Democrats still hold a significant voter registration advantage with 655,016 statewide. Republicans are about 100,000 behind with total registration of 556,612.

In Nevada, it’s the nonpartisan voters who hold the power to decide who wins close races. There are 371,824 voters who list no party affiliation.

After the two major parties, the Independent American Party is strongest with 76,293 registered members. After the IAP, about 2 percent of total registered voters are members of minor parties including the Libertarian and Green parties.