Nevada voting machines work well |

Nevada voting machines work well

Electronic voting machines many feared would cause numerous problems this election performed well, at least in western Nevada.

In other parts of the country, voting machines were blamed for long lines and delays in reporting results. Iowa, for one example, said it wouldn’t have final results until sometime Wednesday, in part because of machine problems.

Alan Glover, Carson City’s clerk, said there were few problems here with the electronic touch-screen voting machines. He said most of the problems involved making sure the attached printers were properly loaded with paper.

“There was nothing we couldn’t handle,” he said.

Washoe County election officials had similar problems in a couple of precincts where workers didn’t get the paper loaded properly in the printers.

Douglas County officials also said the machines performed well with only a few glitches. Lyon County clerks said, like their counterparts in Carson City and other counties, they were working cautiously to make sure there are no problems but that the machines had not caused any serious problems.

– Staff report