New on DVD this week |

New on DVD this week

Curt Fields
The Washington Post

Notable DVDs being released today include:

” “Knocked Up: Unrated” (Unrated, but the R-rated version is also available) Just another step in Judd Apatow’s plan to take over the comedy world” (he’s also responsible for “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Superbad”). Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl star as a mismatched duo who have a one-night stand that results in her getting pregnant. Rogen’s slacker character tries to step up to the responsibility. It’s rude, crude, funny and smarter than you might expect. Extras include featurettes, deleted scenes, gag reels and more.

” “Next” (PG-13) Nicolas Cage plays a Las Vegas magician with the ability to see the future, but only two minutes ahead. It helps him make a living at the gaming tables, but unfortunately for him, it also gets the FBI involved, forcing him to use his powers, such as they are, to help save Los Angeles from a dirty bomb. Jessica Biel and Julianne Moore also star. Extras include featurettes.

” “Cinema 16: European Short Films” (Unrated) This two-disc release features previously unseen films and early works by such notables as Christopher Nolan, Lars von Trier and Ridley Scott, plus award-winning films from rising stars. The set also features more than three hours of commentaries, many by the filmmakers themselves. It’s a great collection for any serious film fan.

” “Creatures From the Pink Lagoon” (Unrated) A film about man-eating, man-loving zombies. It’s a kitschy mash-up of gay male melodrama and drive-in-style horror movies. As the promotional material for “Creatures” puts it, the film “imagines what would happen if ‘The Boys in the Band’ were cross-pollinated with ‘Night of the Living Dead.'” Sounds fabulous, no?

” “The Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection: Ultimate Collector’s Edition” (Unrated) This five-disc set contains “Babes in Arms,” “Babes on Broadway,” “Strike Up the Band” and “Girl Crazy.” Extras include “Private Screenings With Mickey Rooney,” an interview hosted by TCM’s Robert Osborne; “The Judy Garland Songbook,” a collection of 21 Garland movie musical numbers spanning nearly 20 years of her career, with all songs presented in their entirety; and a Rooney/Garland trailer gallery.

” “Tekkonkinkreet” (R) This is an anime film directed by Michael Arias, who was a producer on “The Animatrix,” and is based on Japanese manga written by Taiyo Matsumoto. Extras include interviews with Arias, a making-of featurette and commentary from Arias. Also available for the PSP.

” “Wayside: The Movie” (Unrated) An amusing animated story about a very tall school with very bizarre faculty and students. Michael Cera is one of the voice actors.

” “Last of the Breed” (Unrated) A concert film featuring Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price. Extras include an interview with the threesome, Nelson giving a guided tour of his bus and an extensive, behind-the-scenes tour photo gallery.

Also being released:

” “Black Book” (R) Carice van Houten stars as a Jewish cabaret singer trying to survive the Third Reich.

” “Evening” (PG-13) The cast includes Vanessa Redgrave, Toni Collette, Natasha Richardson and Claire Danes.

” “Ten Canoes” (Unrated) An Aboriginal fable from Australia.

” “The TV Set” (R) David Duchovny plays a writer who finally gets to bring a personal project to the small screen, but things go awry.

” “Babel: Two-Disc Special Collector’s Edition” (R)

” “Eat My Dust: Supercharged Edition” (PG) A Roger Corman flick with Ron Howard and “The Intruder Special Edition” (PG-13), a Corman movie with William Shatner.

TV on DVD:

” “The Bronx Is Burning” The ESPN miniseries about the New York Yankees when owner George Steinbrenner, manager Billy Martin and star Reggie Jackson were constantly at odds.

” “Inside the Actors Studio: Leading Men” De Niro, Pacino, Penn and Crowe get the interview treatment. And no, they don’t need first names, they’re stars!

” “College Hill: Virginia State University”

” “Drawn Together: Season 2 Uncensored”

” “The King of Queens: Ninth Season”

” “My Name Is Earl: Season Two”

” “Numb3rs: The Third Season”

” “The Streets of San Francisco: Season 1, Volume 2”

” “The Untouchables: Season 1, Volume 2”

” “What About Brian: The Complete Series”