New regulations at Pyramid Lake |

New regulations at Pyramid Lake

Don Quilici

These changes for Pyramid Lake have been approved by the Tribal Council and they will become on effective Oct. 1:

All permit fees will remain the same.

All fishing hooks used must be barbless. Fishermen can crimp their barbs to comply.

Downriggers are still allowed.

The area from the Sutcliffe Marina to the end of the South Nets will be closed to fishing from March 15 to May 16 which is the time of trout spawning.

Fishing within 500 feet of all docks is prohibited.

The Marina Beach and Long Beach (North Nets) are designated family beaches, therefore consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

All boats using Pyramid Lake must have proof of current registration. Hull numbers cannot be less than 4″ in height.

Red Bay, Anderson Bay, and Pyramid Beach/Stone Mother is day use only. Camping is prohibited.

Glass bottles and the burning of wood pallets are prohibited.

Dogs must be on leashes at all times.

For information, call the Pyramid Lake ranger station at (775) 476-1155.