New rules proposed for Lyon County parks |

New rules proposed for Lyon County parks

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Pretty soon, Fido may have to do his business in his own little corner of his neighborhood park.

New rules for the use of parks in Lyon County have been proposed that would, among other things, restrict dogs to specific areas of a few parks. The areas will be determined later.

“We’re going to create some dog parks,” said Jannette Hoffert, Central Lyon County Parks and Recreation director. “There will be at least one in every community.”

Hoffert said there have been some incidents regarding animals at the parks, such as the time last year when two dogs got into a fight on a soccer field in the midst of a group of children.

Also, at times when children go to play they find a substantial amount of dog feces on the field, Hoffert said.

In the proposed ordinance, animals other than dogs, such as horses or farm animals, would be banned entirely from county parks.

“We need this so when there are issues we have some legal recourse,” Hoffert said.

The ordinance will be presented in a public hearing before the Lyon County Board of Commissioners at an upcoming meeting.

The draft ordinance also proposes fees for use of a park for a special event.

“As we grow, we’re having more use of the parks,” Hoffert said. “People even take their household garbage to the parks.”

Other proposed regulations would ban the consumption of alcohol in a posted non-alcohol area, the expression of nudity and the shooting of firearms or archery devices.

Park-goers could not bring in glass containers, litter or disturb or damage historical or archaeological sites.

Disturbing the peace with loud or unusual noise, using obscene or threatening conduct or operating a gas or electric-powered device would be prohibited.

Smoking would be permitted unless an area is designated smoke-free. Dumping of sewage, wastewater or effluent would be prohibited.

The ordinance would require games such as ball games or horseshoes to be played only at designated areas and at specific times.

“We have an issue with people playing golf on the soccer field and pulling out big divots,” Hoffert said. “And there is conflict with the baseball field, when the football guys want to come and use it.”

The new rules set park times from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. The ordinance would not apply to the Lyon County Fairgrounds in Yerington or the Dayton Valley Events Center.

Hoffert emphasized that an ordinance was needed to give the county options in case of an incident.

“If we weren’t having problems with the park, we wouldn’t be proposing this,” she said. “When someone does something that causes a health or safety issue, without the ordinance we have no legal recourse.”

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The rules

For a complete list call the Central Lyon County Parks and Recreation Department at 246-6227.