New skill-based casino slots play for video gamers |

New skill-based casino slots play for video gamers

Hannah Dreier
The Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — Atari’s 1981 hit Centipede is an antique in the video game world, but it’s the hottest new thing in the casino industry.

Slot machine manufacturers are rolling out games inspired by the penny arcade, hoping to attract middle-aged gamblers through nostalgia and the promise of cashing in on their joystick talents.

The new Centipede slot machine by International Game Technology is more than just a clever licensing deal or a sign of the cosmetic change from one-armed bandits to touch screens. It’s part of a major shift in the industry toward slot machines that let users show off a rare casino trait: skill.

The machine debuted at the gambling industry’s annual trade show in Las Vegas this week along with several other games that incorporate skill as well as luck.