Nugget brings Carson City together for annual Thanksgiving feast |

Nugget brings Carson City together for annual Thanksgiving feast

Hundreds gathered at the Carson City Nugget Thursday to celebrate a 58-year tradition: the free Thanksgiving feast.

Community volunteers served turkey, mashed potatoes and other Thanksgiving fare. More than 40 volunteers were in the ballroom at 10:30 a.m., getting the food ready and putting out water glasses on the tables for the guests.

"Working here makes you double grateful for what you have," said volunteer Debbie Lane. "Our family is small so this is our way of having a large family for the day. But I like being a part of the community family, it makes me feel connected and useful."

This is Lane's second year participating in the feast; she said she had to sign up early because there were so many people who wanted to volunteer to help with the event.

A wide range of community members gave their time to help the event, from local dignitaries such as Sheriff Ken Furlong, schools Superintendent Richard Stokes and Mayor Bob Crowell, among others. Volunteers as young as six years old were helping pass out drinks and clean off tables.

"I like to help serve people that need food," said 12-year-old Lauryn.

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People were gathered to get into line nearly an hour before. Many said they loved coming to the Nugget because it is a Carson City tradition.

"This is one of the few remaining traditions of Carson City where the whole community comes together," said Carson City resident Ann Bednarski.

"I don't have any family here, so it is nice to have somewhere to go and to have a friend be able to come here with me," added Judy Wakefield.

The feast lasted from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and was a collaboration with F.I.S.H.