Nugget ownership stays in family |

Nugget ownership stays in family

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board voted Wednesday to recommend approval of a stock transfer that will ensure ownership of the Carson Nugget remains a family affair.

Alan Howard Adams is the beneficiary of the 48 percent of the Nugget’s stock owned by Howard Adams and his wife. The couple died at their Boise, Idaho, home within 15 days of each other last June.

“Our family has been there 45 years and we plan to stay,” said Adams after the control board vote. “It’s a good shop and Carson has been good to our family.”

Adams said his uncle Hop Adams still owns the rest of the property, Carson City’s largest casino.

The two brothers bought the Nugget in 1957 after running slot houses in Idaho and Oregon as well as working in Las Vegas.

Adams assured gaming officials Wednesday he is assisting in the daily operation of the casino, adding afterward that longtime customers can expect the operation to continue pretty much as it has been run in the past.

“We’ll continue and just get better,” he said.

He also made it clear he intends to continue the family’s low-key approach to running the business. The Adams family has a reputation for protecting their privacy. That was evidenced after the death of Howard Adams when no obituary was issued and Carson Nugget officials declined comment.

Because a gaming license is a privilege license, the state must approve the transfer of stock from the estate to Alan Adams. The control board investigates and makes its recommendation. The final decision is the responsibility of the Gaming Commission.

Alan Adams is expected to receive final approval to own half the casino operation at the next commission meeting.