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Delphin Ilean Bendickson

June 12, 1940 – May 6, 2014

Delphin Ilean Bendickson was born on June 12, 1940, in Sparks, Nevada. On May 6, 2014, her daughter Laurie Bendickson got the chance to give her mother one final special gift by singing her the song “Mother, I love You” over the phone while she was at the hospital and then she passed away a couple minutes later. She went into the hospital on April 10 and in the entire time while she was there, she received 11 units of blood. For all intent purposes, she quite probably felt like she was in for lube and oil change. Delphy always did have a delightful sense of humor. Her passing took place while she was at Renown Hospital and her family want to thank the doctors and nurses for helping her passing to be peaceful and unstressful.She liked to be called “Delphy” by all who loved her, but her daughter, Laurie called her “Momma Bear”, because she was like a warm cuddly teddy bear full of love. In her younger years she loved to go horseback riding on her favorite horse Tinkerbell with her best friend Nancy Kenndy. After graduating from Sparks High School, she attended Reno Business College where excelled at becoming a top notch secretary and graduated with a diploma as an Executive Secretary. She always got a great deal of pleasure from keeping seven professors happy with typing up their tests and other documents. She met her future husband, Delbert Bendickson, at a Halloween party and they got married in 1960. They lived in Sparks until 1968 when they moved to Fallon, Nevada. They had many great years working on the dairy raising crops and cows. Dairy life was a great place to raise their two daughters Laurie and Brenda. Delbert and Delphy got divorced in 1985 and she remained a single women from then on. When she wasn’t taking care of something on the dairy, she was doing her Primary Secretary things. She served as a Ward Primary Secretary for 25 years in “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. When she was released from that calling, she was then called to be a Stake Primary Secretary helping other Primary Secretaries in other wards to understand their jobs. She loved it dearly, because she got to travel and meet other saints. She was always helping somebody with something. She truly lived the motto “Service to others brings happiness and satisfaction.” She passed on that motto to her daughters who strive to follow her example.

The family members that will be welcoming her back to her Heavenly Home that she remembers so well here on earth is her father, Maury Francis and mother Ilean Francis, her sister Elaine Beverly Francis and her brother George “Georgie” Francis. She also passed on memories of other loved ones that she missed a great deal such as her Grandmother Grace Elizabeth Grose, Grandfather George Grose and Great Grandmother Thomasine Sampson. She passed onto her daughters, Laurie and Brenda Bendickson, a multitude of wonderful stories, tips on how to do things, memories, comical events, recipes and more. She always loved sharing these things with others and making someone happy. Her daughters are working on typing up these stories and sharing them all with you online at She was always a warm, loving lady and she truly was beautiful inside and out. She will miss all of you and we all miss her. Thank you Delphy for spreading so much joy in your life! Funeral Services will be held at The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 750 West Richards in Fallon, Nevada on Monday, May 12. Viewing will be at 10:00 am, with funeral services to follow at 11:00 am. Interment to follow at Mountain View Cemetery in Reno at 3:00 p.m.Arrangements are with Smith Family Funeral Home in Fallon. 423-2255