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Joaquin Chargualaf Taitano

Nov. 4, 1938 ~ Nov. 16, 2016

Joaquin Chargualaf Taitano (Ken), 78, passed away on November 16th surrounded by his family.

He was born November 4, 1938, in Guam and passed his love for the island and ocean to all his children. His pride in his culture and being “a Chamorro” continues to be shared by his children. Ken was known for his “gruff” exterior and enjoyment of teasing those he loved. There wasn’t a family gathering (big or small) that his children and grandchildren didn’t laugh at or with him.

Ken served his Country in the Navy for 20 years and, once retired, ended his career with 27 years as a correctional officer. His oldest son, Chad(deceased) followed in his footsteps and joined the Navy in 1989. His youngest son, Nephi, followed his footsteps and works as a correctional officer.

Ken is survived by his wife of 53 years, Kathy of Fallon, NV; and children, Kim Taitano of Reno, NV; Rachel (Taitano), her husband Doug Parsons of Fallon, NV, and their children, Kalani, Tai, Kali, and Hunter; Gina (Taitano), her

husband Vince Chaplinski of Gilman, WI, and their children, Astrid, Zane, Joaquin, Sanoe; Jodi Taitano of Wasila, AK, and her children Wolf, Genava, and Bailey; Nephi Taitano of Reno, NV; Nikki Taitano of Salt Lake City, UT, and her

children Keyana and Jordan; Dwight Taitano of Salt Lake City, UT; and Lucella (Taitano), her husband Jake Olson of Salt Lake City, UT, and their children Gus and Clark.

On Monday November 21st, there will be a viewing at 11:30 am at Smith Family Funeral Home, followed by a graveside service at 1:00 pm at Churchill County Cemetery in Fallon


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