Mary Cerstvik MacDonald |

Mary Cerstvik MacDonald

1954 ~ 2016

Mary Cerstvik MacDonald left this world for the next one on September 2, 2016.

Mary was born in California in June 1954. She grew up in many places, from Carson City, where she went to high school, class of 1972, to Denver Colorado Community College, class of 79. She moved back to Nevada in

the 80’s and became part of the Carson, Dayton and Silver City communities.

She was a member of the Comstock Community Church, and loved singing out of key to all different kinds of music. She advocated recycling, sustainable energy and was appalled at what humanity has done to the earth, but

always kept a positive outlook. She read all kinds of books, from poetry to biographies, and particularly enjoyed research on the benefits of plants and what they can do to help people. Mary had a green thumb and anyone who knew her usually benefited from all the things she was able to grow. She shared generously of her knowledge, and gladly gave out advise on how

to nurture and grow many plants that would thrive in Nevada soil.

She had a booth, Beautiful Food Farm, at the Saturday morning downtown Farmers Market in Carson City for 7 years. She was a fixture at the market and was considered the resident farmer for advise and information on growing things in the area. Her edible flowers were a hit at the market and at many local restaurants and catering gigs around town.

She didn’t have the easiest life. She was a widow, cancer survivor, and managed to get by with limited resources, but she was always optimistic and looking ahead, whether it was her next trip, or what she was going to

plant for the coming season.

On looking over some of her FB posts, this one stood out. “The people whose first instinct is to smile when you first make eye contact with them, are some of the Earth’s greatest treasures.” Mary was one of those treasures.

She is survived by her loving sons, Alex and Ian MacDonald both of Reno, who were the rays of sunshine in her life, and her siblings, sisters, Anne Nolan, Karin Cerstvik and Michael Cerstvik, all from the East coast.

A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, September 24th, at 1 PM , at the Silver City Schoolhouse, Silver City, Nevada. Please bring a dish for the Potluck and a story to share. Wear something bright and colorful because Mary was a bright and colorful character.