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Nicholas West Tobey

Feb 21, 1939 – Feb 25, 2016

Nicholas West Tobey, born February 21st, 1939 in Santa Barbara, California, passed away peacefully just after 8 pm, February 25th, 2016, surrounded by his family. Growing up in the small beach town of Carpinteria, California, Nick spent a wily childhood fishing, surfing, hiking, and hunting. He also engaged in some less common pastimes like jumping trains, sharing campfires with hobos, and late-night rooftop shenanigans. While not originally from Carson City, he quickly made it his own after moving there with his wife, Dianne, and baby Micheline in 1971. A longtime educator, “Mr. Tobey” was very important to those who needed the most: those students who had lost a parent, whose home lives were in disorder, the diamonds in the rough, the ones who just needed a little push, or a firm hand. Mr. Tobey was there for them. He even went so far as to master Spanish to enhance the success of his Hispanic students. His incredible passion for books and oral storytelling also created an inspiring and original classroom. He had the same expectations for his students that he had for himself: to achieve excellence in whatever task was being done and to do your best at all times. That is what he did for nearly thirty years. An avid sportsman, Nick ran track in high school, played scratch golf, and was even the point guard on his college basketball team. His love for sport continued into arenthood, as he shared his passion not only with his own children but their friends as well. He had an incredible ability to be any age, and get even the awkward kids on the fringes to join in the summer night baseball games out in the cul-de-sac. He was also a great lover of dogs, who were often at the center of the many family outdoor misadventures. He lived by the same high standards as a husband. Nick loved Dianne with his entire being: still finding ways to melt her heart after fifty years. They say that behind every great man is a great woman, but the greatest men have their woman right beside them. That was Nick and Dianne. They celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last July 4th. Nick and Dianne travelled extensively. It began with whirlwind camping trips throughout the Sierras, the wilds of Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho, and tropical adventures in Hawaii. In 1970, they travelled Europe for three months, sleeping with the gypsies in France, fishing with Greeks on remote islands, picnicking in the Alps, and having their own Roman holiday in Italy. One year even found them in St. Andrews for the British Open. They loved their later tours of America and Canada the best. In particular they enjoyed the three trips they made from Carson City to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on the Arctic Ocean and the incredible range of animals and vistas they encountered along the way. As a father, there is too much to say; he was the greatest mentor, teacher, role model, and friend they could have ever known. This legacy naturally continued with his grandchildren. Nick is predeceased by his parents Charles West and Billy Tobey and his sister Mary Catherine “Buttons” Breunig. He is survived by his wife, Dianne, daughter Micheline (Turi) Becker – children Julien and Sofia, son Nathan (Sarah) – children Ramona, Luther and Gus, brother Randall (Kari) Tobey, and his trusted black lab, Jack.


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