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Roger Crossman

Dec. 21, 1944 – Jan. 17, 2016

Roger Crossman, age 71, was born on December 21, 1944 and passed away on January 17, 2016. He resided in Bremerhaven, Germany. Roger was a committed husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, & family member. He was also a Veteran who served in Vietnam. His love & family legacy will be carried on by: Gaby Helas (Wife), Donna Crossman Woolrich (Daughter), Jerry Woolrich (Son-In-Law), Pat Crossman (Son), Brian Crossman (Son), Jenn Crossman (Daughter-In-Law), Evan Crossman (Grandson), Jessica Crossman (Granddaughter-In-Law), Ryan Woolrich (Grandson), Brittni Crossman (Granddaughter), Emmili Crossman (Granddaughter), Gavin Crossman (Grandson), Gwen Crossman (Granddaughter), Briea Crossman (Granddaughter), Blayne Crossman (Grandson), Sherry Thompson (Sister), Dennis Thompson (Brother-In-Law), Shelly Thieme (Niece), & Jenny Benson (Niece). Roger was preceded in death by: Ingrid Crossman (First Wife), Jeanne Crossman (Mother), and Francis Crossman (Father). There will be a Memorial Service in Germany, Nevada, & Idaho for all of the friends and family whose lives he touched. The family would like to thank everyone who welcomed him into their family and was a part of his life. He was a well-respected man who committed his life to his family & taught that once you find your one true love, never let them go. “Great Loves Live On”.


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