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Rosa Emilia Andino Walters

Rosa Emilia Andino Walters passed away on

December 05, 2015 at the age of 93.

Our Mother was a very proud, courageous, independent and responsible human being. She will be remembered for her determination and perseverance, her sense of humor, her kindness to others, and for her unwavering love and sacrifices made throughout her life, so her children could have a better life.

Our Mother was born in Managua, Nicaragua on July 22, 1922, and was from a family of thirteen siblings. She met our father, Raymond Clarence Walters (of Pennsylvanian German heritage), in Mangjua and they had one son, Jose, born in Manajua. When Jose was still an infant, they all moved to Bishop, California, where Raymond continued to work in the mining industry. While there, Rosa had two more children, Richard and Debbie.

She lived most of her adult life in Bishop CA, and the last 25 years living independently in her own home in Carson City NV, near her daughter, Debbie, and her family.

Our Mother leaves behind three adult children: Jose Raymond Walters, Deborah Elizabeth Coyle, and Richard Harry Walters; three

grandchildren: Renee Millard, Matthew Coyle and Justin Walters; and four great grandchildren: Cameron Millard, Mason Millard, Noah Walters and Vanessa Walters.

We want to thank all the people in Bishop, CA and Carson City NV, all of her friends and her neighbors, who were kind to her and extended their friendship to her throughout her life.

Our Mother will remain in our hearts until we, God willing, join her one day in the vast Universe.

Hail Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen.

We love and miss you, Rosa Emilia Andino Walters, our beloved Mother.