Obituary: Avis E. and Don R. Dixon |

Obituary: Avis E. and Don R. Dixon

Avis E. Dixon, 77, of Carson City, passed away November 22, 2011. She was born October 31, 1934 to Al & Ruby Shirk in Englewood, Colorado. As a “Navy-brat” she lived in many places during her childhood, and lost her father to WWII. After that, she and her mother stayed in San Diego where Avis eventually graduated from LaJolla High School. She attended Mercy School of Nursing where she met an ambulance driver, Don.

Avis learned to volunteer at an early age, knitting and crocheting for soldiers in WWII. She continued to always create and give items to different charities as well as creating designer gowns and clothing for friends and family. Avis volunteered tirelessly for children’s causes and sports. She worked with the children at St. Teresa’s School during the times that her daughter and grandsons attended, and was a founding member of the youth bowling association at Carson Lanes.

Don R. Dixon, 82, of Carson City, passed away November 23, 2011. He was born December 2, 1928 to Leticia Kinney in Memphis, Tennessee. Don was raised in the South during the depression, lost his mother when he was 12 and joined the Navy at a young age to find a better life. After the Navy, he settled in San Diego where he became an ambulance driver and met his wife, Avis.

Don loved anything with an engine. In his younger years, he was an avid motorcycle racer and eventually graduated to building racing engines for race cars. Don had a very generous heart and helped many people get back on the road.

Don and Avis, married 57 years, lived in San Diego until moving to Evergreen, Colorado, where they realized Don’s dream and started their own business, Dixon’s Garage & Texaco Station. In 1974, they moved to Washoe Valley and continued in the auto repair business eventually moving to Carson City where Dixon’s Garage was operated until 2000.

They are survived by their daughter, Danielle Wallace and grandsons Patrick Dixon and Sam Dixon. A celebration of life will be held at a later date.