Obituary: Tracy D. Fisk |

Obituary: Tracy D. Fisk

Beloved Father of 8

Tracy D. Fisk ,67, passed away peacefully at C.T.H. Wednesday due to heart failure. Born in Caldwell ID. November 18, 1944 to Josie and Charles. He is survived by 3 sisters; his wife, Marilyn; son, Matthew; and daughters, Nikol, Kim, Jackie, Courtney, Sara, Jami and Camela, and 11 grandchildren. He was dedicated to his family. Every endeavor in his life was whole heartedly and passionately pursued. He was called on an L.D.S. Mission to England and he earned a Bronze star in the Vietnam War. Later, he studied at Boise State University and U.N.R. His career was with NV Parole and Probation. He served his community as a teacher at both W.N.C and NV Traffic Safety School. He was a Bishop in the L.D.S. church.

Tracy was a noble, devoted, caring, compassionate and gifted man; a master teacher who shared his warm sense of humor with all he encountered. He was in tune to others needs and dedicated to serving others with little regard to personal sacrifice. He was deeply loved and will be missed. His memorial will be held at 1 pm, Tuesday, May 29th. L.D.S church, 411 N. Saliman Rd., Carson City, NV. In lieu of flowers, please donate to Tracy Fisk Memorial, Wells Fargo Bank acct # 8686617229