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Odd news at this hour

SANTA MONICA, Calif. ” O.J. Simpson has his fake Rolex watch back.

The timepiece, seized earlier this week by attorneys for Fred Goldman, was returned to the former football star’s lawyer Friday after it was determined to be a knockoff made in China.

Although Goldman has won a multimillion-dollar wrongful death judgment against Simpson, the watch has so little value it falls under an exemption excluding jewelry worth less than $6,075.

“While we are clearly disappointed with the outcome, this tells us that collecting on this judgment, against this guy, is really tough,” Goldman lawyer David Cook said after returning the watch.

Cook had hoped the watch might be worth as much as $22,000, but an appraisal from San Francisco jeweler Shreve & Co. concluded it was worth only about $100. Simpson had told his lawyer he paid $125 for it.

Simpson was acquitted in a criminal trial of the 1994 murders of Goldman’s son, Ron Goldman, and Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. After their families sued him for wrongful death, a civil court jury found him liable for the killings and ordered that he pay $33.5 million.

Most of that judgment remains unpaid, although Fred Goldman recently won the rights to Simpson’s book, “If I Did It.” The ghostwritten account of how Simpson could have committed the murders is a New York Times best-seller.

LODI, Calif. ” A prematurely born boy found floating in a toilet at a Lodi home yesterday was mistakenly declared dead until a nurse heard his faint cries later at a hospital.

Lodi police say paramedics declared the baby dead at the scene before dawn yesterday and transported then child and the mother to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, a nurse heard the infant stir from under the cloth covering him.

Both the mother and her son are now listed in stable condition, but the mother’s troubles aren’t over yet.

Medical workers discovered traces of methamphetamine and marijuana in the infant’s blood and now police say the mother faces two felony child endangerment charges.

Vegetarian Times magazine may be going even greener. The 33-year-old bastion of meatless cooking is considering changing its name to Greens, a move editor-in-chief Elizabeth Turner says is aimed at broadening the appeal of the magazine.

She says only about half the El Segundo, Calif., magazine’s readers are vegetarians; the rest only dabble with meatless cuisine. The magazine wants to see how many other dabblers could be attracted with a new name. But Turner says that’s all that will change.

“The mission of the magazine would not change, but we thought we might reach more people and get more people excited about eating low on the food chain,” she says.

To test the new name, the magazine is printing two versions of the newsstand copies of the September, October and November/December issues, some with the traditional Vegetarian Times logo, others with Greens.

Meanwhile, Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine is getting a bit greener, too. Starting with the November issue, the magazine will be printed on paper that uses 85 percent recycled fibers.

The magazine’s content also is getting an eco overhaul. It will regularly offer tips to help readers make ecologically sustainable choices and regularly highlight eco-friendly products with its “Greenie Award.”