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Odd news for Friday

INNSBRUCK, Austria ” An anti-pornography activist wants officials in the Alpine city of Innsbruck to take down a large crucifix bearing a sculpture of a naked Jesus Christ.

Martin Humer, who gained notoriety last year after he painted part of a statue of a nude Mozart and stuck feathers on it, is pressuring authorities to remove the crucifix from a public square where it has been displayed for 20 years, public broadcaster ORF reported Thursday.

Humer, an 82-year-old former photographer, said he and about 100 supporters were organizing a protest for Friday.

Mayor Hilde Zach dismissed the fuss and said she would refuse to remove the crucifix, insisting it is a work of art and is in no way pornographic.

In March 2006, the public prosecutor’s office in Salzburg charged Humer and an accomplice with vandalism for defacing the “Homage to Mozart” statue with red and green enamel and covering it with white feathers.

SPRING HILL, Kan. ” A police officer made a traffic stop Thursday and ended up delivering the baby for the new parents who were speeding to the hospital.

Spring Hill Officer Andrew Peterson pulled over the couple on U.S. 169 in eastern Kansas, police said. The father, David Grate, got of the car and told Peterson that his wife was giving birth.

The officer then helped the new mother, Charlotte, with the birth of the baby boy, Matthew.

Peterson wrapped the newborn in his jacket until paramedics from the South Johnson County Fire Department arrived to take the family to a nearby hospital.

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa” It was a real stock car, but the driver was the only one racing.

And he got away.

Police in rural South Africa found two cows and two goats being transported in a compact car barely large enough for four people.

The blue Fiat Uno was impounded Thursday after residents alerted police in a town in northern KwaZulu-Natal, the South African Press Association reported.

Capt. Jabulani Mdletshe, a police spokesman, said that when the officers arrived, the driver had loaded the animals into his vehicle and was trying to speed away.

He eventually stopped the car after being unable to outrun the police, and fled into the nearby bushes, SAPA said. The cows and goats were handed over to an animal theft unit.