One more Leap Day boy born in Carson City |

One more Leap Day boy born in Carson City

Staff reports

Yet another “leaper” came into the world Friday morning, but this baby boy did not utter his first scream at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center – his was a home birth.

Jedidiah James Ellis was born at 11 a.m. in South Carson at home “out by the race track” said father James Ellis.

“You guys missed one,” Ellis said in reference to the Appeal’s Saturday story of a pair of baby boys who were born Leap Day at the hospital. “And ours was the first – and the biggest.”

Indeed, Jedidiah James, at 10 pounds, one ounce was slightly bigger than his counterparts Ethan Burks and yet-to-be-named Baby Boy Walsh, who were both born Friday.

Jedidiah James, with eight siblings, also joins the biggest brood of the Leap Day babies.

“He’s got a lot of brothers and sisters that will be looking out for him, even in the years he doesn’t have an ‘official’ birthday,” father James said.

Of the Ellis children, five, including Jedidiah James, are biological, while four are adopted, Ellis said.

Mother Cari was reported in good condition after the home birth which took place with the help of a professional midwife.

Jedidiah James was one day past-due.

“We knew he was coming at the end of February but we weren’t really thinking about a Leap (Day) baby,” Ellis said. “But we felt pretty lucky when it happened – there was really no planning involved. He just came out naturally and here he is.”


Five piano students of Shirley Bierman will be competing in the Reno Piano Festival, taking place at 5:30 and 7 p.m. Thursday at the Steinway Piano Store, 500 E Moana in Reno.

The students are Emma Breeding, Sarah Sever, Amanda Yau, Zoe Gray and Henry Sturm.

Zoe Gray has participated in Piano Festival for the last two years and earned a rating of “Superior.” She was invited to perform in the Command Performance each year and received a trophy for her superior musicianship.

“It is kind of scary but, as you sit down to play it gets easier and it’s kind of cool,” said Zoe.

Zoe’s mom Lynn said the festival is a chance to receive positive feedback from outside observers.

“I appreciated the comments from the judges, they were positive and encouraging and if the kids are prepared, it really is a positive experience.”

While each of the students said the focused on different aspects of the performance, they all had one thing they were working on – playing soft.

It was hard to play new pieces, they were bigger pieces and I have to play suddenly soft and suddenly loud,” said Sarah.

Emma agreed.

“It’s been fun to learn new pieces and I had to learn how to keep one of the pieces soft.”

Although the students said that just getting to perform was a thrill, their was another goal for the festival.

“I hope I get a trophy. It was difficult to get the piece the way it needed to be,” said Henry.