O’Neill returns to the Nevada Assembly in victory over Loyd for Carson City seat | NevadaAppeal.com

O’Neill returns to the Nevada Assembly in victory over Loyd for Carson City seat

Republican PK O’Neill returns to the Assembly seat he held for one term from 2014-2016.

O’Neill scored a victory over Democrat Sena Loyd Tuesday, amassing 20,218 votes to her 13,740 — just shy of 60 percent of the total cast.

O’Neill filed for the seat in March after incumbent Al Kramer announced he would not seek another term.

O’Neill had a four-decade career in law enforcement before retiring and going into politics.

District 40 represents Carson City and part of Washoe Valley.

O’Neill complimented Loyd who he said called Tuesday night to congratulate him, something he said many candidates don’t do anymore.

He said they had an enjoyable conversation and that she said she would support his efforts on behalf of the state and Carson City where possible.

“I think that Mr. O’Neill and I fought a good, clean, respectful race. I appreciate his graciousness in saying what he did.I believe he will be a good representative for the community and I look forward to working with him,” Loyd said Wednesday.

In the Legislature, he said he believes the GOP will be out from under the Democratic super-majority in the Assembly this coming session, picking up three or possibly four seats. If the unofficial totals hold, the GOP would have 16 Assembly seats, three more than needed to block a two-thirds “D” majority required for certain items like tax increases.

He said that will enable the Republicans to prevent some “extreme measures” from getting through.

He said the goal is to “mend the fences and work collectively for the better good.”

“That’s what we really should be here for, for the good of our state and the citizenry,” he said.