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9-11 a day of remembrance and unity despite the war debate

Much of Nevada was asleep when the first plane hit the World Trade Center six years ago today.

When the scope of the plot became clear, we were angry. Later, when the deeds of heroes were told, we were inspired. Help poured in for victims, and communities like Carson City joined together to display their patriotism. Young men and women quit their jobs to join the military. We rallied behind our leaders and prepared for the battle to come.

Today, it would be easy to suggest that unity has been fractured by the weight of the war in Iraq and the polarized opinions over whether it is the right war to be fighting. But the message of 9-11 was not that we all need to agree. We are a country of diverse opinions and beliefs. That in itself has been a strength in our history, and it is a testament to the greatness of our Founding Fathers who designed a government that can thrive upon it.

This country is built on a solid foundation that will endure, a message that became clear after the fear of 9-11 began to dissipate, and is still clear today even as debate over Iraq continues. The future survival of our country will not be decided in Iraq, but in the hearts of the people of this country.

We ask you to take a moment on this day to remember 9-11 and its victims. If you choose to join with others in the community, Capital Baptist Church, 4555 S. Edmonds, is offering a chance to remember the significance of the day with an event beginning at 7 p.m. tonight.