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A chance to clean up Carson’s public lands

The public and private lands around Carson City are breathtaking when viewed from a distance. But from up close, the real story isn’t nearly as pretty in many places.

Cans, plastic bags, decrepit furniture … it seems in some places like a landfill exploded.

Just imagine how much worse it would be if it were not for the Kiwanis Club and other volunteers who selflessly scour the countryside around the Carson River each year to pick up trash.

That cleanup is on Saturday, which is also Public Lands Day, an event that ought to be celebrated with gusto in Nevada. It’s something we have an abundance of, to the point where some people seem to take it for granted and think nothing of tossing trash out their car window.

We hope that attitude will change over time, and some who’ve participated in the cleanup say there’s less trash than they’ve seen in past years. That’s a good sign, but one sure way to speed it along is to instill a sense of pride and stewardship in your children.

In fact, a perfect way to do that is to take part in Saturday’s cleanup, which already includes club members and volunteers from the Boy Scouts and other groups. Don’t worry – there’s plenty of trash to go around. In six hours, they expect to fill more than 50 Dumpsters full of garbage.

If you want to participate, meet at the BLM-Carson City Field Office’s west parking lot, 5665 Morgan Mill Road at Deer Run Road. The cleanup is scheduled to last until 2 p.m. Call 885-6107 to register if you’re with a group. Otherwise, just show up with long pants, boots, gloves and a desire to make Carson City beautiful from any distance.