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A dark mansion is a dark day in Carson City

If the worst thing Gov. Guinn and his wife, Dema, will be remembered for in Carson City is neglecting to decorate the house they’ve vacated, they’ll have had a successful stint in the mansion.

But we sure wish they’d thought to put up a wreath and some lights before boxing up their belongings.

The two have set the bar high when it comes to public service, whether it’s raising money for local causes, handing out treats to long lines of trick-or-treaters at Halloween, or simply attending events in the community. Dema has decorated the mansion in elaborate fashion for several years using the family’s decorations. In a way, she’s spoiled us with her outpouring of holiday spirit.

Against those memories, it’s little wonder there’s a minor uprising in west Carson City over the dark mansion. It’s an important symbol of Carson City and the state, and the Guinns are technically still its occupants. It should be decorated for Christmas.

For the long term, we think it’s a great idea to form a group to raise money and decorate the mansion each year. If all who have complained take part, we could expect some marvelous holiday displays.

As for this year, we’re wondering if we’ll witness a Christmas miracle.

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