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A dozen reasons to vote for governor

Nevada Appeal editorial board

It may seem pointless to say Republicans should vote for Kenny Guinn for governor and Democrats should vote for Joe Neal in their respective primaries.

After all, everybody knows they’re going to win their party nominations. And when they face off in November, Guinn will win handily. Foregone conclusions, right?

In fact, there are at least a dozen good reasons to urge people to get to the polls on Sept. 3 or before to cast ballots in the gubernatorial primaries.

Two of those reasons are the leading candidates themselves, Guinn and Neal.

Guinn has proven himself worthy of a second term by providing the kind of leadership the state has needed in good times and, now, lean financial times.

We can start with the first good idea of his administration, the Millennium Scholarships, and conclude with the calling of a special session last month to attempt to resolve a medical-malpractice insurance crisis.

They are indicative of a governor who has been doing the two things we expect in Nevada — looking to the future, and dealing with the present.

As for Neal, his willingness to carry the Democratic banner — and raise issues that won’t otherwise get raised — should be enough to deserve the votes of his fellow party members.

If he gets thrashed again in the general election, well, it won’t be because Neal didn’t try.

Another reason for voting is that no one knows the results for sure until the votes actually are counted. We wouldn’t bet against Guinn and Neal, but upsets do happen.

The rest of the reasons, however, we think are the most compelling. Their names are Shirley Cook, Bill Hiett Jr., Stanleigh Lusak, Carlo Poliak, James Prevot, Bruce Westcott, Dan Meyer, John Meyers, Christopher Petrella and Barbara Scott.

Chances are, you recognize few of the names, if any. But Republican voters will see some on their primary ballots, and Democratic voters will see the rest.

These are fellow Nevadans who took the time and effort, and some expense, to make their runs at the Governor’s Mansion.

They are tilting at windmills, but most are sincere and have a reason in their hearts why they think they could make a difference in this state.

The least the rest of us can do is show up at the polls.