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A farewell address from Gov. and Mrs. Guinn

by Gov. Kenny Guinn

Dema and I have had the honor and distinction of serving you for eight wonderful years as your first lady and governor. Through this time and the campaign leading up to my first election victory in 1998, we have come in contact with literally thousands of Nevadans who have made a difference in our lives, people whom we have come to respect, appreciate, and admire for their sacrifice and sense of duty to their state and nation.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being governor and first lady is traversing the state, meeting caring people who are passionate about particular issues and ideas that affect their daily lives. Our visits to communities across our state have afforded Dema and me memories and friendships that will last the rest of our lives. We are truly grateful for and appreciative of the encouragement so many of you have provided us along our way.

My job as governor would have been much more difficult without the exceptional advice and guidance I have received from my staff, cabinet members, agency directors and many individual state employees. Your ideas, counsel and efforts have played a key role in our accomplishing so much together for the citizens of Nevada over the past eight years.

As I leave office, I want to express my admiration and heartfelt thanks to the thousands of state workers who have done their best on a daily basis to provide the people of Nevada with high-quality service. You are the backbone of state government. Your dedication and professionalism in making Nevada a better place for residents and visitors alike has truly been a hallmark of my administration.

I would also like to express my appreciation to legislators and community-minded citizens who supported programs and initiatives they believed would make a difference in the lives of Nevadans. As governor, it would be impossible to get meaningful legislation passed and to adequately serve the people of Nevada without these substantial efforts. Your support and dedication to programs and initiatives such as the Millennium Scholarship, Senior Rx, Nevada Check Up, privatization of workers’ compensation insurance and so many other fundamental changes to state government have paved the way for a better Nevada.

In closing our eight memorable years as governor and first lady, we would like to say thank you to the people of this great state for allowing us to serve you. It has been a great ride!

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