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A gesture that will brighten Carson for a long time

You don’t need a Christmas miracle when Dema Guinn is your first lady.

After reading a story, letter and editorial in Wednesday’s paper about people upset that the Governor’s Mansion was not decorated for Christmas, the first lady set out to make it right.

She informed her grandchildren she probably wouldn’t be able to make the Friday morning flight with them to Disneyland, then put on the only pair of shoes that wasn’t already boxed up and climbed into the attic to get out the Christmas decorations.

Now, thanks to her decision and the work of many volunteers and buildings and grounds employees, the mansion is decorated for Christmas.

And we’re not talking about a wreath and a string of lights. As those who know her can attest, when Dema Guinn sets out to do something, she makes sure it’s done right.

Even though many think it wasn’t necessary, she also offered an apology for her decision not to decorate the mansion. She based it on several factors: she and Kenny had to be completely moved out shortly after Christmas; many of the decorations she used had been purchased with their own money; and the staff who had helped in previous years was no longer available.

Even if she hadn’t spent Wednesday decorating the mansion, Dema Guinn would have been remembered favorably for all she has done for this community.

But it’s a gesture that should be permanently attached to her legacy and is perfectly symbolic of the responsiveness to Nevada residents that she and her husband have demonstrated so many times.

Thank you, Dema Guinn.