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A good time to remember the true spirit of the holidays

The advent of the holiday season is upon us and that can only mean one thing – soon the press releases will roll in from national retailers saying that consumers aren’t spending as much as they’d hoped (although initial returns say Americans are spending in force).

With commercialization of the season reaching new heights, it’s a good time to reflect on what really makes this time of year special – people are more likely to display their kindness and generosity to friends and strangers alike. It’s a force so powerful that some charities have come to rely on it to get them through the rest of the year.

And this year we need it more than ever. For one thing, there’s a lot of people in need. If attendance at the free Thanksgiving meal put on through the generosity of the Carson Nugget is any indication, the need is greater this year than in years past. For another, Americans can use all the goodwill they can get to compensate for the outright hostility and divisiveness already being generated by the presidential election.

The spirit manifests itself in ways large and small … the large in gestures like that of the Nugget’s free meal. The small like that from a group of crafters, featured in Thursday’s paper, who collectively chipped in $41 to replace the holiday money two distraught children had discovered lost while shopping for their mother at a craft fair.

They’re good examples for all of us, and we ask you to search for your own way to express your spirit this year. It might include visiting a nursing home or helping a charity with time or donations, whether it’s F.I.S.H., Toys for Tots or another of your choosing.

Yes, it seems like the holiday season and its commercialization arrive earlier every year, but as long as the spirit of giving arrives with it, there’s nothing wrong with that.

• This editorial represents the views of the Nevada Appeal editorial board.