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A liberal Christmas list

Tom Riggins

We are bombarded daily from mainstream media about how inept and evil the current administration is. Since many are getting tired of that, I am suggesting a wish list for liberals for Christmas this year. Ignore the fact that Christmas is a Christian holiday and that most liberals eschew Christianity for other beliefs, such as Islam, Mother Earth, socialism, or no belief at all. This is my letter to Santa on their behalf.

First on the list is single-payer health care. Remember when President Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America? This was a huge first step that liberals are still clinging to. This despite recent tax law changes, which incidentally put more money in their pockets, but caused a federal judge to determine that the tax law that was the underpinning of the Supreme Court decision is no longer in place.

Next, if we could just make the border wall go away. We don’t understand Trump wanting the wall. Why are open borders bad? How else are we supposed to get uninformed voters? So let’s just make the wall go away. Besides, if we are able to abolish ICE, why will a wall be needed? Oh, but let’s make sure and keep the walls around our compounds and gated communities. Why should we have to deal with the problems we create?

I wish we could get rid of that moldy old document that is the centerpiece of the National Archives, the Constitution. Every time we start making progress with our agenda, some unwashed commoner in flyover country brings that old document up. Who knows what we could accomplish without it? Especially now that Trump has appointed two judges to the Supreme Court that believe in the Constitution.

On that note, we wish Justice Ginsburg will live forever. We don’t want Trump to have any more Supreme Court appointments.

We want free college for everyone. After all, how else can we improve on the indoctrination system public education now offers? Just think of the possibilities. Teaching young people from an early age about the evils of capitalism and democratic republics and the joys of socialism is the best way to implement our agenda long term. If they are never taught about our government, they won’t know there might be a better way.

We must have climate change legislation. It is to protect our future. What we mean by that is that it gives us further control over the lives of others, regulating what they can and can’t do. They shouldn’t be able to buy large SUVs and we intend to fly our private jets to every summit and hearing we can find to make them believe. After all, like everything else on our agenda, it is for the good of the commoners, not us. Our good intentions should exempt us from having to do the things we want them to. And if that darned Trump would just cooperate, we would be a lot further along in implementing this.

President Trump dared to come up with tax cuts. Not only did this take away some of other peoples’ money we want, it boosted the economy. We can’t have that. A booming economy makes people feel more independent and less inclined to rely on government for help. How can we make the flyovers believe big government is good when they don’t need government programs?

We must also implement “common sense” gun control. What we mean is that once we get the proverbial camel’s nose in the tent, it is much easier to ban firearms outright. When we say we don’t want to take away guns from law-abiding citizens, we don’t mean it. That is just to lull you into believing us so we can take the next step.

Upon reflection, if we have only one wish, it would be to get rid of Donald Trump. He is the upstart that dared to upset the deep state and take us on head on. If Hillary had been elected, things would be so much better for us. Our misuse of government resources to spy on our opponents and cover up our misdeeds would never have come to light. Now we have to rely on the media to help us lie our way out of this problem.

OK, I have poked the bear enough. I hope you get the point. Most of all, I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and remember the true Christian meaning of Christmas. Oh, and Happy New Year.

Tom Riggins can be reached at news@lahontanvalleynews.com.