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A sure cure for beating back the gloom

The news of the day has become too predictable: retirement funds lost; job anxieties worsening; people having a difficult time making ends meet.

Shining through that gloom like a brilliant burst of light, however, are the efforts of Northern Nevadans who are putting aside their own anxieties to help others. There are far too many to mention, but a Nevada Appeal story this week brought to light one inspiring group ” Food for Thought, which provides food for homeless children who might otherwise go hungry. The group has expanded and is now operating out of a donated warehouse on Highway 50.

They already provide 4,000 such meals a month, but with the economy worsening the need seems likely to increase. Already, there are an estimated 400 homeless students in Carson’s schools.

The program protects the dignity of those families, who don’t want to be and shouldn’t be singled out as people in need. The children want to be just like all other children.

Those who donate time and money to community efforts often end up saying they get more in return than they give ” a feeling that can only come from helping others. We ask you to consider finding out for yourself whether it’s true.

If it’s through Food for Thought, you can get involved by calling 883-1011 or visiting the Web site http://www.nvfoodforthought.org. But there are many other ways to help out the less fortunate in the community by giving your time or, if able, money. With enough of those shining lights, our communities could have a bright future, even through the economic gloom.