Ann Bednarski: Taxpayers should have voice in bringing Raiders to Las Vegas |

Ann Bednarski: Taxpayers should have voice in bringing Raiders to Las Vegas

Ann Bednarski

This election season is very complex. Several things concern me mostly the special legislative session so close to Election Day.

The business of the session seems to be about a football stadium to facilitate the move of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas, specifically about getting taxpayers to cover part of the cost. Major public expenditures need voter approval; will this happen here? What’s the rush? Can’t it wait until February? But sadly the ESA issue is not on the agenda.

America Matters on 1180 AM Radio Tuesday dealt with a few items regarding the Las Vegas Stadium proposal. The room tax in Las Vegas will increase by over 7 percent. Not much, but hotels in Vegas also charge a daily resort fee up $50 in addition to daily room rates.

Also on America Matters, eligibility for a SUPER BOWL GAME requires a stadium that accommodates 70,000 people. The proposed Las Vegas Stadium only accommodates 65,000, therefore ineligible for a Super Bowl Game.

PACs-Political Action Committees and contributions were also discussed on the radio. The limit on contributions to a candidate is $5,000 but there is NO LIMIT on contributions to a PAC. According to the Aurora Reporting System, several gaming corporations have contributed millions of dollars to Legislators who can approve the stadium. Asking taxpayers to chip in to the financing seems to be organized extortion. Taxpayers should have a voice too!

Ann Bednarski is a Carson City resident.