Anti-gun crowd tries to use the back door |

Anti-gun crowd tries to use the back door

BURNS H. ROPER, Yerington

Opinion, Nevada Appeal, Feb. 2, Gun lobby deliberately distorts facts. The fact is this high-powered lady was describing the fact that the federal government is still trying to redefine the meaning of the Second Amendment. This push to disarm the people really got in high gear after the war between the states when the federal government didn’t want the blacks to have firearms.

The lady lists several court cases where the Supreme Court judges ruled against the ownership of firearms. She also lists several Supreme Court justices who didn’t believe the people didn’t have the right to keep and bear arms. All sorts of people with all kinds of political leanings saying all sorts of things, doesn’t make them right. The militia the lady describes is a latter day definition and changes to suit the powers at hand. Earlier definitions say citizens enrolled and trained for the internal defense of a state. No mention of being armed but the right of the people to have and bear arms does put arms at their disposal.

The distorters of the Second Amendment are not the NRA, the gun lobby or any of the pro-gun people but anti-gun people who, with their political reasoning that distorts many of our rights, is maintained by the Constitution. There is a way to change the Second Amendment by way of the Constitution, so why all the sneaky back door approach? The anti-gun people have tried and failed.

The Second Amendment – “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”