Appeal’s 2005 wish list for the north state |

Appeal’s 2005 wish list for the north state

The Nevada Appeal has assembled a wish list of sorts for 2005. It’s a compilation of things that should and could be done to help make the world we know as Northern Nevada a better place. It’s in no particular order.

The 2005 session of the Nevada Legislature should:

• Perform a comprehensive rewrite of the initiative petition laws to create a fair playing field;

• Develop a cap on property taxes so that increasing land values do not drive longtime homeowners from their homes;

• Stabilize the Millennium Scholarship fund.

The first protects the rights of all residents to petition for change, the second helps ensure the elderly won’t lose their homes, and the third acts as an investment in not only our future generations of leaders, but in our economy.


• We believe the C Hill flag will again fly, as it were, and pledge to do what we can to help and keep readers informed of its progress.

Waterfall fire recovery

• We wish the snows and rains that fall on the Carson Range are plentiful. In the wake of the Waterfall fire, we hope they fall gently enough to replenish our watersheds without destroying them.

• We wish all the best for the families who lost their homes during the Waterfall fire, and hope they are able to rebuild the structures of their lives and strengthen the bonds of family and community.


• Freeway construction will inch closer to completion on at least the first phase. The road is scheduled to open in late 2006, with the full opening in 2010.


• We hope the community of Carson City can stand by the owners of Jacks Bar, with cash in hand and other forms of assistance at the ready to preserve the historic watering hole.


Lastly, we hope the community never loses its sense of historic small town and its gift of giving.