Arrowhead residents waiting for sound wall |

Arrowhead residents waiting for sound wall


To the residents of Graves Lane:

You are still not alone. We have car and truck lights coming through the fences. Some of the truck lights shine over the fences, as well as the noise and exhaust of the bit rigs. Some of our fences are over 30 years old. Although they will be replaced soon, the vibration of the trucks is making them fall. We also have problems with flooding when the water runs off the hill behind the golf course. There are three ball parks and the golf courses which create a lot of traffic. In the spring and summer, the lights are on he ball fields until well into the night, and there is the noise from the fields.

My great-grandchildren are scared at night from the noise of the trucks and boom-boxes. We bought our home 27 years ago with no road, no ball fields and no golf course. Arrowhead Drive was originally put in as a fire road; next thing we know, they’re paving it.

Maybe you could put in a good word for us. We would love to have a sound-bearing wall, preferably prior to 2005.