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Lahontan Valley News: Letters to the editor

Democrats continue to be untrustworthy

Please correct me if I’m wrong … wasn’t it during the Obama administration that the whole world of the intelligence people said they would no longer share their intelligence gathering with the U.S. because there were too many leaks in our CIA and FBI system?

How about Obama traveling to all our NATO allies and making a deal with them to accept all of the refugees from different countries, then use these refugees to fill their normal quota allotted to them annually for immigration to the good old USA. Then promising these refugees would be the only people accepted from their quota, therefore circumventing the current immigration laws.

All of this planning was put into effect with the understanding Hillary Clinton would be the next president. I have to disagree with Ms. Strong about how great the liberal Democratic Party has been for this country.

As far as the trade wars being bad for the country, forget it. Changes in any government programs only disrupt things for a little while.

For those true Americans who are uninformed, this country feeds three quarters of the free world today. Like President Trump has pointed out, why are we charging pennies for food staples to countries that are charging us astronomical prices for stuff we import from them? China cannot feed its own people let alone support North Korea. They have to import most of their food staples from other countries, mainly from the good old USA, so why should we allow the trade disparity to continue when it’s driving us deeper into debt to China? This is just another thing the liberal Democratic Party has allowed to continue.

Just think of all the little things the American public, like myself, doesn’t know about that the liberal Democrats along with their special interest friends are lining their pockets with.

Everything President Trump has accomplished has benefitted America in the long run.

Another food for thought: Why is this Mueller investigation (led by the Democratic Party) so dead set on trying to unseat President Trump? Is it just a smokescreen to try and get people to vote for more Democrats and gain control of both houses in November?

Why are the Democrats and some of Republicans so set on blocking Putin’s visit to the USA? Are they afraid that Putin might disclose how the Russians had an inside track on how to hack into our supposedly totally secure databases?

After seeing on the news media how some of the Democratic leaders used children as pawns for their own demented purposes, I sure as heck don’t want this caliber of people having any input to the running of our great country, regardless of how some diehard Democrats choose to paint these Democratic politicians as holier than thou and pure.

Bob Snider