Bear gets some help reuniting with her cub |

Bear gets some help reuniting with her cub

RENEE MACK, Mack Land & Cattle Co., Minden

Recently we had a circumstance arise here on our ranch where we became in residence with a mother bear we knew would be looking for her lost cub. Although we love wildlife and have coexisted for generations, it is a little disconcerting to know you are now neighbors with a mom that may not be in the best of moods!

To our rescue came Mr. Carl Lackey, state of Nevada wildlife biologist. I cannot say enough good about this gentleman. He kept us informed constantly about what would be happening and what to expect. In the end, he and his assistants, Mr. Greg Brackett, who drove clear from Doyle, Calif., with his hounds and Mr. Jon Beckman from the UNR bear research center solved the problem, and mom and daughter are again running free. Our deepest thanks, guys. And if you ever need a place to park your traps or we can do something else for you, just come on over. We would like to repay the favor!