Boston trail inspiration for Carson’s |

Boston trail inspiration for Carson’s

Linda Johnson

Congratulations to Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong, Lyon County police and Nevada State Tri-Net Drug investigators on two meth busts in Carson City and Lyon County last week. Great work! Let’s keep the bad guys on the run.

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Our own Jeannie Hadlock has solved the mystery of global warming. According to Jeannie, global warming is caused by the multitude of menopausal women living on the planet without benefit of Hormone Replacement Therapy. It makes sense to me.

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Recently, I walked the freedom trail in Boston. This is the trail that inspired Mary Walker to create the Kit Carson Trail here in Carson City.

At one point in time, the Old South Meeting Hall was in jeopardy of being demolished to make way for more modern development. Fortunately, preservationists organized and saved the building where Samuel Adams made the speech that triggered the Boston Tea Party and ultimately led to the creation of our country. You can sit in the Old South Meeting Hall and listen to an audiotape of Samuel Adams’ speech on that fateful evening with all of the background noise and comments and it is like being there.

While I was sitting there, it occurred to me that we could turn Jack’s Bar into a museum given that most of the laws on the books in Nevada were formed, lobbied and negotiated there.

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While we were on the East Coast, we had several celebrity sightings. We saw the ebullient and gracious Armi Olson Saii, formerly the co-proprietor of Armi’s at the Bonanza Ranch (now Glen Eagle’s restaurant) and her husband, Armand.

They have opened a restaurant in Great Barrington in Berkshires appropriately named Armi’s @ Great Barrington. They feature a fun, eclectic menu and some of the best music the region has to offer. Congratulations to Armi for following her dream.

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Also, while in Boston, we were waiting in our hotel lobby for our friends, Chuck and Wanda Jurgensen, when who should step out of the elevator with them but Joe Montana. I stood there with my mouth hanging open, but my husband had the presence of mind to introduce himself as a 49er season ticket holder, and chat with Joe for a minute. He spent the rest of the day stopping strangers on the street to tell them this story.

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Speaking of the 49ers, it must be really difficult to find a kicker to play in the NFL. Certainly, the 49ers have been unable to do so.

After Owen Pochman missed three field goal attempts against Tampa Bay two weeks ago, the Niners tried out three new potential kickers for the position and then decided to stay with Pochman for last week’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. Pochman managed to miss two field goals this week leading to a 16-13 loss for the Niners.

There are girls playing soccer for Carson High who can kick better than Pochman. If anyone out there can kick a football more than 15 yards, please contact 49ers special teams coaching staff. They need your help.

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The following conversation was overheard at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas where this elderly man was checking in to undergo surgery. A woman of similar vintage accompanied him.

He said to her, “Well, who is going to claim my body if something goes wrong?”

“I can’t claim it,” she replied, “I am you ex-wife; an ex-wife can’t claim a body.”

“Nothing has changed,” he said. “You didn’t want my body when we were married.”

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As I write this, I am savoring the last days of a spectacular Northern Nevada autumn. I hiked into Marlette on Sunday to catch the last of the fall color. The leaves on the aspen trees were enjoying the last of their brilliance and the smell of those already fallen portends the promise of the winter. It’s time to tune your skis and Think Snow.

Linda Johnson is a 29-year resident of Carson City, a wife, mother and attorney.