Boys & Girls Club deserves all the support it gets, and more |

Boys & Girls Club deserves all the support it gets, and more

In the discussion about solutions to Carson City’s most pressing problems, which include drug abuse and gangs, the Boys & Girls Club is often taken for granted.

But just imagine where we would be without the club and its dedicated staff. Many parents, especially those in single-parent homes and those struggling to make ends meet, have come to rely on the club. Many of the students who spend their time at the club making friends and developing skills would be spending their time elsewhere on activities of their own design, often unsupervised. And that’s when youth are most susceptible to drugs and other negative influences.

For many years, the club has been there for Carson City’s youth, providing constructive and educational opportunities during summer and after school. That’s why the annual fundraiser held each September is so inspiring, as it brings out hundreds of people who show their support for the club and all it does for Carson City families.

The vital role the club continues to play in the community is a good reason the city and the club should partner to build a gym/recreational facility.

That partnership falls short of the ideal scenario … it would have been better if the club and the city each had the funds for their own facilities. In these difficult financial times, that’s not the case but, with careful planning and scheduling, the joint facility will be able to serve both functions.

It’s just another well-deserved way Carson City can support and show appreciation for an organization that is truly making a positive difference.