Can we keep recreational vehicles off the streets? |

Can we keep recreational vehicles off the streets?

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

What do you do with a recreational vehicle when you’re not tooling around the country?

In Carson City, there aren’t many options for the RV owner.

If you have a rare spot in one of the area’s packed RV storage sites, you’re doing pretty well.

Then there’s the back yard for those with the big double gates needed to get the thing around back.

Otherwise, the only place to park the motor home is in the driveway or in front of the house.

Most cities have rules against parking motor homes along the street for any amount of time, and Carson is no exception. Right now, the city allows fifth-wheel campers to be parked on the street for up to 72 hours. Motor homes are allowed to be parked on streets for a maximum of seven days. However, the city rarely enforces the rules. By its own count, only one person has ever been pursued for a violation of the current rules.

But Carson City officials are thinking about reforming the rules dealing with recreational vehicles so they can be more evenly enforced.

City officials are still researching the issue, so no details are available. But the very idea of changing the rules sparked response from residents who believe RVs should not be parked anywhere in view.

Motor home owners will turn out to make their feelings known as the city continues to work on new language.

However, no ordinance can make someone a good neighbor.

Instead of calling the code enforcement officer every time your neighbor’s RV has been out front for a few days, try talking to your neighbor.

City officials will try to work out an ordinance balancing the needs of recreational vehicle owners and their neighbors.

In the meantime, residents should be considerate of one another when parking their recreational vehicles and civil trying to work out a solution without the government’s help.