Candidates can learn from these state workers |

Candidates can learn from these state workers

They aren’t running for public office, but if they were we’d seriously consider giving them our votes.

All Robert Drake did was save the state about $17 million with a smart idea on how to replace a water main. And Mark Theriault and Michon Dimit saw better, cheaper and more efficient ways to do their jobs and saved taxpayers thousands more.

The trio was recognized as recipients of the Governor’s Award for Achievement of Excellence in State Service.

Monetarily, these employees earned one-time bonuses for going above and beyond, and they deserved that and all the recognition they received for setting a great example.

We know they’re not alone in their efforts to save the state money and we hope the recognition spawns even more employees to do the same.

But the people who really should learn from them are the candidates who will claim victory in today’s elections.

It’s obvious from all of the government waste, at least on the federal level, that they could use the example.

Many office holders start out with honorable intentions before getting caught up in the pressures and temptations of the political machinery and the taxpayers end up funding billions in pork projects.

We’d rather have our lawmakers work on simple, common-sense ideas for a cheaper and more efficient government.

If they need directions, they only need to call Robert Drake, Mark Theriault or Michon Dimit.