Care a priority at Skyline Estates |

Care a priority at Skyline Estates

Jenny Schnabel

I have a special friend

Her name is Audrey Byers

She is such a pleasure to know.

She would make you smile.

She has gone to “Skyline Estates”

Yes, it’s senior care.

Assisted living, with a trained and caring staff

You will find it there.

You can have your own room

Or maybe share one too.

Don’t worry about your meals and medications

They will take care of you.

Soon they will be opening

A secured memory care.

So if you don’t remember

They will remember there.

Now, if you’re into social

They have activities for you.

Everyday you may dine with others.

May I introduce

Nadine and Barbara to you?

They have a common area

Where you can chat about.

But if you’re not into talking

You can shut your door

And just hang out.

This really isn’t about dying.

But, in the end

How will you dwell?

With their kind and caring staff

You will have a quality of life.

And they will treat you well.

Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center. She welcomes poem ideas at Skyline Estates is at 2861 Mountain St., Carson City, NV 89703. Call it at 775-885-9223.