Carolyn and Maizie: Some gold medal observations for the week ahead |

Carolyn and Maizie: Some gold medal observations for the week ahead

Carolyn Tate and Maizie Harris Jesse


The Olympics open Friday in Bejing … and the Chinese are paranoid about being spied upon. They, therefore, are supposedly spying on everyone else. Our thoughts are to give them something so they won’t be disappointed. Let’s see … you can talk about seeing their nuclear program outlines, maybe their Tibetan policies, the doping of athletes, whatever you like. That will give them “food for thought” while you’re there, and something to see when they confiscate your laptop and phone. You might even get free room and board at a Chinese “hotel” (similar to the one we have at the end of E. 5th St.) … no end of fun. And, if you get to see the games at all through the smog … enjoy.

So … two members of the East Tokers gang are caught by police after residents chased them for spraying graffiti in their neighborhood, then said they returned firing a gun because “they [the neighbors] ‘disrespected’ us.” NO KIDDING. The thugs were defacing property, then felt they were not respected? What part of “idiot” don’t they understand? If you treat people nicely and kindly, they will treat you with respect … if you vandalize their property, be prepared to be “disrespected” … and arrested … and put in the can.

“Roman” Greco, a black Lab, was acting funny and in some pain a few days ago. His owners, Deb and Tom Greco, said he’d get up, try to cough or throw up, then lay back down again. This kept up for a half an hour, so they took him to the Vet ER. Of course, he perks up (don’t all dogs when they get to the vet?), but still won’t let anyone look at him or his mouth. The vet asks about foxtails … nope, none in the yard … then as he’s drooling (the dog, not the vet), he opens his mouth enough for the vet to see a bee stinger lodged in his tongue. Since Roman digested the rest of the bee, the bill was ONLY $184.25, and he got to go home. The “other” Grecos spent the night having bee nightmares. Roman snored.

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Our friend, Pat Hardy, retired last week … about time, since he’s been around long enough to know Eleanor of Aquitaine (he was Henry II in a former incarnation). We hope he has a grand time in retirement. Dick and Mary Campagni were featured last week in a Time magazine ad for their 20th Toyota President’s Award. Nice to see that. And the Appeal’s Sam Bauman ended a 53 year journalism career on Friday … he will still write a bit and go skiing. Sounds good to us … congratulations. Happy Birthdays to Sarah Garrett, Parker Schmid, Lynn Purvis, John Bailey, Linda Lewis and Claire Clift … all a year older and better.

Well, we know we haven’t heard it all … but this one is close to taking the cake. One of our state agencies received a letter from a lady telling them that they should contact Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in California and tell him to do something about the smoke that was coming into Nevada. Jeez, Arnold … can’t you guys do anything right? Maybe some big fans on top of the Sierras blowing back atcha?

The Sheriff’s Office is sponsoring its annual National Night Out this evening at Mill’s Park from 5-8 p.m. It’s free, and gives the community a chance to get a hot dog, coke, and meet your local peace officers. There are always lots of things to look at, including equipment and SWAT demos. Fun for all.

Kim Johnston found these headlines/stories on the Internet: “Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25.” “Due to incorrect information received, Jane Doe (not her real name) was incorrectly listed as being fined for prostitution in Wednesday’s paper. The charge should have been ‘failure to stop at a railroad crossing.’ The paper apologizes for the error.” “A deputy responded to a report of a vehicle stopping at mail boxes. It was the mailman.” “An Australian army vehicle has gone missing after being painted with camouflage.” And lastly, “Police find crack in man’s buttocks.” Yeah … mull it over.

FYI … We’ve been told that Judge Deborah Schumacher is the only Northern Nevadan running for the Supreme Court … vote accordingly. And thanks to Leigh McGuire of Silver Springs for looking up McCain’s voting record after reading a letter to the editor ripping Obama’s. McCain missed over 63 percent of votes, whereas Obama missed over 44 percent. We’re actually surprised they have time to vote on anything.

Eagle Valley Golf Course and the Dayton Soroptimist’s are hosting a luau this Friday to benefit the EV tree fund and the V&T Railway. It’s $45 a person for dinner, $100 for golf, or $125 for both, and will feature the golf tournament, real Hawaiian food and entertainment. For information, call 885-6833 or 887-2380. Sounds delicious. Also, on Friday, the Alzheimer’s Association will hold a wine tasting at the Governor’s Mansion from 6 to 8 p.m. (883-0703) to help those with that dreadful disease. A silent auction, including a wine refrigerator full of wine will go to a lucky winner. Tomorrow, there will be a free forum (not a “free-for-all”) for all mayoral and supervisor candidates at the Plaza Hotel Conference Center at 6:30 p.m. (841-3367). If you haven’t decided on candidates … this is your chance.

Coach Ron McNutt is going to be Galena High’s new baseball coach … we wish him luck, but not when they play Carson. Mallard’s waitress, Brandy, had a beautiful little 7 pound, 8 1/2 ounce baby girl, Brooklyn, last Wednesday. We hear they’re doing wonderfully well. Mallard’s is also having their Couple’s Golf on Friday, and will celebrate the opening of the Olympics that evening by serving Chinese food and having all TVs on showing all the festivities.

There’s a fracas going on in the wild horse community. The BLM has suggested euthanizing some of the horses if they can’t find homes for them. We suggest that if they ARE going to do away with them, that they be sold for dog food. As bad as that sounds, it’s better than killing them and dumping their carcasses to rot. At least the dogs would be happy. We hope there’s another solution.

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