Carson City doesn’t need to be gay capital |

Carson City doesn’t need to be gay capital

NEIL GUNN, Wellington

They have not only come out of the closet but the woodwork and trash too.

I’m referring to Kit Miller’s article on the Appeal’s editorial page on Jan. 12.

She states that the “Coalition for the Protection of Marriage” does nothing for Nevadans’ interest. She asks that moral Nevadans accept these immoral homosexuals’ lifestyle and their illegal desire to marry; i.e., man and man and woman and woman.

She asks this under the guise of benefits to Nevada, the “Almighty Dollar.” She claims there will be billions of dollars rolling into Nevada if we will just allow these immoral people to come here and practice their immorality among decent Nevadans. She says, “What ‘queen,’ male or female, could resist being married in the camp capital of the world?” I take that to mean Carson City, Nev., the first capital of the first gay state.

She does leave room for you “rustic cowboys,” simple, awkward and unpolished, and “flashy urbanites,” with room for the outdoor types, all in the guise of money. Maybe she has a prospective site to open bathhouses like in California, where the “derelict misfits” meet with new partners and spread AIDS. It’s just a short hop to the San Francisco scene with homosexuals walking the streets, holding hands and “lip-locking” each other, here in the towns and cities of Nevada. Try to explain this behavior to your young children.

These immoral perverts cannot reproduce, so their alternative is to recruit converts, the younger the better, as they see it.

Anyone in their right minds would never leave their children alone with their kind.

Kit asks moral Nevadans to forget petty differences and embrace the people and their deviant behavior. She says we should not take our “bigotry” into the new century.

These are not “petty” differences and it is not bigotry to believe in your “Christian principals.” They are unnatural, immoral, misfits of human society. “Fresh Ideas” my foot. Nutty ideas.

Bob Hope once said, “California, the land of fruits and nuts.”

Kit wants to bring in the “fruits.” Kit is nuts.

Stick to taking pictures. Stop trying to push “immorality” on “decent Nevadans.”

P.S. I doubt your statistics.