Carson City Sheriff’s Office urges safety on Valentine’s Day |

Carson City Sheriff’s Office urges safety on Valentine’s Day

Sgt. Scott McDaniel
Carson City Sheriff’s Office

Each year on Feb. 14 many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” Celebrating with dinner and drink is also a popular way of sharing this special day.

This year, show your valentine you truly care for them. Choose not to drink and drive after your special evening.

Looking deeply into each other’s eyes is romantic, but refrain from doing so while driving. Being distracted even for a moment can lead to a vehicle crash.

Loving texts and emojis? Send them when you’re not driving or when you’re at home. No one wants to get a follow-up message or call their loved one has been injured in a crash because of texting while driving.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is common, however, take your time and slow down while driving to the location that you have chosen to surprise your future spouse. Don’t let the excitement of the moment take away your concentration while you’re driving. Better to get a “Yes” than a ticket.

You have looked far and wide for that special someone who’s the perfect fit for you. Let them know that you will always cherish them and do all that you can to keep them safe. Make sure that you and the one you love are always wearing your seat belts when traveling in your vehicle.

Reach that honeymoon destination safely and enjoy many more Valentine’s Days to come.