Carson firm helps recharge extinguisher |

Carson firm helps recharge extinguisher

I wanted by this letter to acknowledge and thank Carson Fire Equipment and its owners Dave and Vicki Brockage for the generosity known for the recharging of my VFD issue and personal home fire extinguishers.

I have not before taken the time to thank Dave and Vicki for this service, so I wanted to do so by this letter.

When I came to this VFD some five years ago, I was issued a five-pound general purpose extinguisher for my personal car on the theory that if I should encounter a fire in my travels that I might have a decent tool at hand.

In this fire prevention month of October, I was asked to bring that extinguisher to our monthly meeting as well as the ones I had at home for inspection and recharging. So this often overlooked task was taken care of, and I just wanted to say thank you to Carson Fire Equipment and its staff, including Mike Hill, Carson Fire Equipment’s employee who is doing some of the actual recharging.