Carson High students get mixed messages |

Carson High students get mixed messages


Dear Carson City High Schoolers:

I am very sorry that you have been tried, judged and found guilty of something. In a city where the school board had to meet, discuss and decide the fate of a man who was found guilty by the courts of DUI and then reward him for his misconduct by buying out his contract, whatever you young ladies and gentlemen did must be pretty bad.

We live in a country where you can date, court and marry whom you please, right? Maybe Carson City seceded when no one was looking. We don’t have arranged marriages here, do we?

To Marcia Funk I say, the Appeal was just printing the news and it sure wasn’t the kids’ fault that the principal had a heart attack. (Life does go on.)

When I went to school, even we students had rights, and my folks never signed anything so we could attend. In fact, I believe the government told our parents that it was mandatory that we go to school. I even think I read something in your paper about the government telling a parent she was breaking the law by allowing her daughter to stay home.

What gives anyone the right to judge any of these young people and call them rebellious? Let’s look at what they have done:

1. They have made it to graduation.

2. They have voiced their opinions.

3. They have questioned authorities (oops, that’s grounds for capital punishment).

4. They conducted themselves the way we have been taught to do, by trying to go through proper channels.

5. They tried to present their side of the situation in a proper forum.

6. Last but not least, perhaps the worst sin of all, they are young, they want to attend their prom and they want to go with the date of their choice.

Would Mrs. Funk feel the same way if it was her child who was dating a student from another school and was being forced to choose between not going to her senior prom or going with someone she doesn’t care about? Prom night is something you are supposed to be able to look back on with fond memories. If we can’t trust these youngsters to make the right decisions by the time they are seniors in high school, then Carson High should do the state a favor and upon graduation, just send them straight to prison.

How do the students of Carson play sports against other school teams if students from other schools are not allowed on the hallowed grounds of Carson High? Or does this rule only apply to dances or events where it suits the staff to keep them out?

No wonder our kids feel like they get so may mixed messages.