Carson pulls together to battle wildfire |

Carson pulls together to battle wildfire

Nevada Appeal editorial board

As firefighters battled a blaze looming over Carson City on Wednesday afternoon, our thoughts and prayers were with families whose homes were threatened, perhaps even lost already, and the frightening prospects they face.

The Waterfall fire, beginning in Kings Canyon and caused by man, represented the worst nightmare scenario of wildfire for Carson City. With dry, windy conditions it appears the fire may burn for days.

That means Carson City residents must use not only their good sense but rely on their deep-seated sense of neighborliness and goodwill to help those who have been affected.

When Wednesday’s fire began to grow, traffic started to jam the west side of Carson City by people who had no business being there. It hampered and complicated efforts to get firefighting equipment into the right position and effectively evacuate residents. People should know to stay clear of the streets and neighborhoods anywhere in the vicinity of a wildfire.

Today, many people are going to need assistance – from the Red Cross and from their friends and neighbors. We’re confident residents will rise to the occasion. At this writing, people were springing into action to offer assistance, shelter and places to take their pets for safekeeping.

Firefighters and emergency crews also will need the assistance and patience of townspeople who can help best by not complicating their efforts. Be prepared to evacuate, and cooperate with law enforcement as they advise neighborhoods of evacuation orders.

We can trust in the skill and dedication of firefighters, and hope with the whims of Mother Nature, that this fire can be effectively controlled before more damage is done.

The discouraging message is that this fire could have been prevented, because it apparently was started by someone in Kings Canyon. With fire danger so extreme, it’s worth repeating that it takes only one person to cause so much grief for thousands.