Carson-Tahoe slips in insurance increase |

Carson-Tahoe slips in insurance increase


Last year the administration at Carson-Tahoe Hospital did a survey of the

employees to determine how we felt about our jobs and how we perceived our relationships within the hospital system.

One of the biggest complaint found as a result of the survey was the dissatisfaction the employees have with the insurance premiums and coverage. Rumors through the grapevine have been circulating that the “association” was going to try to re-negotiate our contract earlier than scheduled to reduce our premiums and improve our coverage.

Today in the mail I received a notice that our premiums are increasing effective Jan. 1, 2000, and that “we would like to be able to celebrate the fact that we did not have to change any of the current coverages and we were able to maintain a less than 5 percent increase to the current health insurance premium. This was a tremendous accomplishment when you look

at other employers plans and their premium increses of 25-30 percent this year.”

This tells me that administration is not listening to our concerns!