Carson weathers another New Year storm |

Carson weathers another New Year storm

Nevada Appeal editorial board

Given enough warning to be prepared for the New Year’s weekend storms, Carson City crews and their leaders came through with a stellar showing.

Not everyone and everything could be protected from nature’s wrath. But the lessons of the New Year 1997 flood were well remembered, and damage was minimized where possible.

Part of the effort can be attributed to millions of dollars worth of storm drainage work done in the last half-dozen years. Much of it, however, was sheer muscle. City workers, supplemented by prison crews, filled and stacked sandbags, cleared debris and shoveled mud to keep the water away from residences and businesses.

Also to be applauded are city leaders who were ready with the forecast on Friday and declared a state of emergency early Saturday morning. They had people already mobilized when the need arose.

We couldn’t help but think of the controversy surrounding Hurricane Katrina flooding in New Orleans and its surroundings. The crisis here was on a much smaller scale, of course, but the need to be prepared, coordinated and effective was no less great.

By all accounts, Carson City workers came through with high marks.

So did hundreds of volunteers – the neighbors who pitched in to help wherever they were needed, for both homes and businesses. As usual, Carson City residents stepped up to answer the call.

The threat isn’t over by any means. The Waterfall fire-stripped hillsides of western Carson City will long be susceptible to flash flooding and mudslides. It’s something we’re going to have to live with.

Nevertheless, there’s some reassurance that when Mother Nature tested the city’s readiness and resolve, the response was more than adequate.