Chamber vote could kill bike path plans |

Chamber vote could kill bike path plans


It was particularly disappointing to read that the Carson City Chamber of Commerce board voted not to support bike path/linear park for the Carson City Freeway. Their action essentially kills the project.

Considering the collective political clout ( i.e., campaign financing) of the members of the Chamber of Commerce, the board’s action, in essence, gives the city and state government permission to kill the bike path/linear park without fear of hurting themselves at the next election.

The Chamber could just as easily come out in favor of the plan and held government’s feet to the fire by withholding political support unless the original plan was adhered to. It appears the Chamber is willing to have a bare brown scar bisecting Carson City in the interest of expediency. With a bit of foresight, they could have come out for an attractively landscaped freeway and a bike path that might enhance our city’s image as a tourist destination.